Iconic Racing Car Inspired Bike Paint

Iconic Racing Car Inspired Bike Paint


A client in Singapore approached me to help design a paint scheme for a bike that is fast, exciting and easily recognised like the donor bicycle S-Works Venge.  A project mixing fast cars with fast bikes was something I had to be part of for sure. 


Iconic race car liveries are a beautiful mixture of stripes, amazing colours and recognisable decals.  If you had to pick a top ten best car liveries of all time then the Gulf Racing Porsche 917 would be certainly in there.  The client was excited to let me begin translating this amazing scheme from 1970s car to 2020s bike frame. 


Porsche 917 Gulf Racing

Gulf Racing Logo


The bike frame has some exposed inner sections that would suit some patterns too just to make the custom frame even more custom.  A chequered flag is perfect for that. 

Design Concept

I use Adobe Photoshop to create a template to show clients the design as realistic as possible.  Naturally 3d model rendering is the next step but I find that using photo manipulation software is a great balance between accuracy and speed. 


Gulf Racing S-Works Venge Design Concept


Some design features I wanted to include were the racing numbers (replaced with the Specialized S logo instead of the number), the tail fin (featured on the seat post to make it a bit more unique) and that lovely heavy pinstripe separation which I used on the shoulder sculpt line of the bike.  I believe the paint scheme not only has to look like the original race car but also match the canvas it is now going on.  

The key part of any livery design is the colours so Pantone codes were supplied for that bold deep orange and light blue along with rich black and pure white for the detailing.   

Final Project

My designs get taken to a reputable painter, normally one located close to the client for ease of collection.  The Gulf Racing design was translated to perfection for my client and the pictures say enough for themselves.  A truly stunning bike and the client couldn't be happier. 


Gulf Racing Specialized S-Works VengeGulf Racing Specialized S-Works VengeGulf Racing Specialized S-Works VengeGulf Racing Specialized S-Works Venge

Want a bike designed? Curious about what can be created?

If you are currently reading this going 'I need something like that in my life' then do get in touch.  I am a qualified Automotive Industrial Designer and freelance illustrator so I know my car design.  I can design other themes from art movements through to recreating epic fades from older bike eras too.  There is not limitations.  Feel free to get in touch or reach out via any of my social media networks. 


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