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Nut and Bolt Design is the design business created by me, Twain Forsythe. I have a BSc. Hons in Industrial design which you can clearly see in my methodical work style. Paired with 15+ years in the design industry it allows me to offer a premium design and illustration service to all of my clients, no matter what size they are.


I offer a bespoke design service tailored towards the individual client's needs. I have a professional design level skillset which allows me to work on numerous projects from illustrations, apparel, through to logos and branding. I welcome new challenges daily.


It all started in 2018 when I wanted to start something more creative and fulfilling to coincide with my fulltime, non design related retail job. It was a challenging start working on my own and honing my skills required for my design services but is extremely rewarding. I now have countless successful projects under my belt and a long list of repeat clients who love working with me.


I am based in Perth, Western Australia but with the internet being so accessible I do consider myself an International business. I have worked with clients from every corner of the globe and just adapt to different time zones accordingly.


That is THE question you should ask any business owner. I am a creative person who unfortunately began by following the 'way things should be done' according to someones ideal guideline for life. Exceed at school, to go uni, get a job to makes ends meet and stick to what you are told. It took me quite some time to pluck up the courage to break those rules. Even in job roles for creatives I found myself not having any creative freedom and in essence 'punished' for trying to think for myself. That had to change and the only path I seen was doing it myself....and Nut and Bolt Design was born. I understand I still have limitations regarding client work but I have the freedom now to create my own path.

But why the Nut & Bolt Design name? Nut and bolt restoration is the term used to describe a project where every small thing is combined to make something truly amazing. I apply the same methodology to my design work and believe that attention to detail makes my work stand out from the crowd and my clients love the outcome. There also is the fact I thought it sounded like a cool brand too!

If you read this and feel I would work well with you then please get in touch via the contact form below. I am always keen to discuss new opportunities and create some amazing designs / art for you.

- Twain

Over 15 years design experience

Self taught and proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software. All work is carried out to professional industry level standards.

New challenges are always welcomed.

Top selling designs.

Proven successful sales projects and highly regarded work in the design and illustration industry allows you to be sure of trusting me with your artwork projects.


Twain offers a consistent and creative approach to apparel designs for our brand. We love it when he shows us his creative ideas from concept stage through to screen print ready artwork. One of our best selling artists too for good measure.

Daniel Boer (Blipshift)

Twain was a joy to work with from start to finish. I especially liked his great communication and designing in technically real time with me was brilliant. Just saved so much time.

Dan Baker (Trail Mechanic)

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