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Thank you to all my clients who have expressed their trust and support in my artist business.

''Twain's work is really really good!  I have worked with a few illustrators in the past but found Twain to be very methodical, talented and a very polite individual. I would highly recommend him for any illustrative work as I am sure he will impress.''  

Ayrton Sue, Elemental Engineering Australia

"An extremely talented and hard working individual that i had the pleasure of working with.  He is much more than a typical illustrator as he has had a hugely varied career in all aspects of design.  I regard dependability highly and Twain always produces to a high standard." 

Selwin Freese, Kitchen Craftsmen

"Courteous, quick and talented.  3 words i would use to describe Twain.  Highly recommended in the design and illustration field." 

David M.Watkins

''Kudos to a guy who set up his own illustration business from the ground up and has an exciting career ahead of him.  I have tested out Twain in the past but nothing stops his quick learning and adaptability.  I even hear he is trying out some animations which i look forward to seeing.''

Craig J. McKeown