Bicycle Paint

If you are currently wanting to change how your bicycle looks then a respray paint scheme would be high on your wish list.

I can produce paint design images to help you decide and then pass on to a reputable bicycle painter in your area.

Pantone colours can be selected as a guideline but I always recommend verifying with your painter as they may have different methods and codes. 

On top of paint designs I can create custom graphics used as paint masks by your spray painter.  This makes your design completely custom and unique.  Additional charges may apply if extensive custom drawn graphics are required for paint masks. 

If you are interested in getting a bike paint scheme designed please contact me using the contact form at bottom of the page, stating what you require, deadlines and budget.  I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. 

Design Process


You suggest images and themes that inspire your custom paint scheme. You can even let me guide you at this stage.

Concepts Created

Based on your theme requirements a few quick concepts are drawn up in Photoshop for your consideration.

Design for Painter

A final approved concept is drawn accurately for your painter to use as guidelines for the paint work. Painting notes are added and unseen areas are also shown on final design image.


Twain designed 2 amazing concepts for our S-Works Venge bikes and we can't wait to show them to the world.


This service made the headaches of which colours to use non existent. Highly recommended even at an early design stage.


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